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    The painting is an emotion - the magic of the soul imprinted on the canvas

I was born in Central Asia, where I spent a significant part of my life. I experienced happiness, but also war and the evil that hatred brings. I graduated from two universities, but my heart always gravitated towards freedom and art. Life brought me both love and bitter moments that hardened me. More than once I started from scratch, but I never gave up. I am strong, I am a woman and I am a mother - reasons that keep me going.

My name is Nagina and this is my story......


My roots lie in distant lands, such as Tatarstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. I spent my childhood and adolescent years in these places. The diverse culture of these lands opened the door to the artist within me and influenced me from an early age. Additionally, my parents loved to travel, taking us children along. They were interested not only in history but also sought to understand the everyday life in these countries. The colors and rich architecture made a lasting impression on me. Just as the Eiffel Tower enchanted a little girl in France, palaces almost out of Arabian Nights left a mark on me. Cities like Samarkand, Bukhara, where cultures have clashed since time immemorial.

My parents were educated individuals who nurtured in me a love for art and a desire to learn and explore. My dad always asserted that the more I knew, the greater success and a better future I could achieve. Thus, I spent my childhood engaging in meaningful hobbies, such as language studies and attending art school during my free time. There, I not only learned to play the piano but also developed my skills in visual arts and sculpture.

Thanks to my father, I mastered the art of photography. It was his greatest hobby. We photographed nature, animals—anything that captivated us. At that time, we couldn't preview digital images like we can today. We had a photo corner at home with beautiful light and magical chemicals. It was a miracle to witness the creation of a photograph. This sparked my desire for my own camera. When I turned sixteen, I received my father's Zenit as a gift.

...And the war came...

From Tajikistan, my first home full of colors, beautiful memories, wild nature, and towering mountains, my family was driven out by war. Because we were sent to the country by the Soviet Union, we were soon labeled as Russian occupiers, even though we had never harmed anyone, and we had good relationships with everyone around us. We lived there like everyone else, but with the onset of war, they began to hate us. I remember that we didn't know what was happening; we didn't know where to hide, where to escape. For three days, with the help of kind souls, we were hidden in a cellar. Everything turned upside down - a neighbor with whom you sat at the table just yesterday became aggressive and full of hatred today. Neighbors turned on individuals, but entire families were also slaughtered - the unthinkable suddenly became a terrifying reality. And so, we fled to Moscow and had to start from scratch. Moscow, a megapolis, a different culture, and completely different conditions than I was used to. It was not my life. Something was still missing...


I can confirm from my own experience that violence breeds only more violence and that ordinary people suffer the most because of war. There are definitely better ways to resolve conflicts.

Mixing Cultures and Experience

The significantly rich culture of Tajikistan, the nature, vibrant traditional attire, beautiful patterns, and materials—all of these have left an indelible mark on me. Similarly, Russia with its folklore has had a profound impact. Throughout my life, I have traveled extensively, encountering everything and everyone. Adding to that the joyful and painful experiences, it becomes quite a lot for one person. I channel all of these experiences and emotions into my art, especially onto my canvases

Karlovy Vary - an Oasis of Peace

Before settling permanently in Karlovy Vary, I spent some time in Budapest and Milan. In Italy, I gained new experiences in photography that not only greatly helped my career as a photographer but also allowed me to travel extensively around the world.

During my travels, I met many amazing people and experienced the richness of diverse cultures. Perhaps it's for these reasons that I fell in love with Europe, which was closest to my heart. The Czech Republic enchanted me with its traditions, friendly atmosphere, beautiful nature, and I felt a desire to settle here.

I instantly fell in love with Karlovy Vary. I remember my first visit, sitting on the colonnade, and suddenly an unexpected feeling of calm and contentment washed over me. Out of nowhere, I knew that this was exactly where I wanted to live and try my luck again. I wasn't afraid. It strengthens a person; it keeps you from getting stagnant. It's important to keep moving forward—both professionally and mentally.

A snippet of life lasting an eternity...

A snippet of life lasting an eternity... In Karlovy Vary, we bought a beautiful house, and I managed to set up my photo studio. I dedicated my free time to painting. Recently, something enlightened me... That's why I enthusiastically took the brush and completely immersed myself in the world of colors. From that depth, I never resurfaced.

I paint abstractions full of passion, feelings, and thoughts.

Each painting is an expression of myself – a reflection of where I have lived, the cultures and traditions I have absorbed over the years. The value of the paintings lies in the emotions and lived stories. All my canvases live their own lives, and each piece is unique. They hold the magic of the soul within them.

* * *