All my works are originals, created using high quality texturing paste and acrylic paints. The paintings are provided with the author's signature on the front or back. Each painting has a certificate.

«Nádech Elegance»

100 x 90 / 2024

13 500 Kč / 565 EUR

Measuring 90 x 100 cm, this delicate abstract painting combines elegant shades of grey, beige and silver with details created using luxurious 24 carat gold. Each brushstroke and glint of gold creates a harmonious dance of light and shadow that brings sophistication and tranquility to the space. «Touch of Elegance» denotes delicacy, refinement and sophistication. In the context of art and design, this means that the work is created with great care, attention to detail and aesthetic refinement. The picture looks elegant and perfectly thought out. It is very detailed, finely crafted and has a refined aesthetic

" Mezi Světy "

130 x 90 / 2024

23 000 Kč / 960 EUR

Welcome to "Between Worlds" – my abstract landscape that creates a connection between your world and mine. This painting is not only a visual experience but also a window that invites you to gaze into its subtle light and colors.

🌌 Opening Worlds: With each glance into "Between Worlds," you begin to recognize how the colorful layers and delicate nuances form a kind of gateway between two worlds. It's as if the painting acts as a portal to a place filled with tranquility and radiant energy.

🔍 A Glimpse into Fantasy: This abstract window offers a glimpse into a world of fantasy and creativity. Every detail creates the impression that you can step into a space where reality meets imagination.

🌈 Dance of Colors and Light: The ocean of turquoise, blue, and golden shades is like a dance of colors and light, positively influencing the atmosphere of your space. The bright streaks penetrating through the painting add a new dimension to your surroundings.

🚪 Entry into Your World: "Between Worlds" is not just a painting; it is an entry into your own world of thoughts, dreams, and emotions. As you gaze upon it, you open the doors to a unique world that you can explore.


100 x 80 / 2023

16 000 Kč / 667 EUR

'ECHO' is an invitation to immerse yourself in your own inner self and listen to the responses that resonate in the soul.

" Supernova 2 "

100 x 100 / 2023

15500 Kč / 645 EUR

Open the gates to cosmic beauty with the painting 'Supernova.' In this abstract piece, you encounter an explosion of colors and energy that brightens your reality. 'Supernova' is an expression of strength radiating from the center of your space, reminding you that every moment can be a new beginning. Allow this cosmic explosion of beauty to enliven your surroundings.


130 x 90 / 2024

20 000 Kč / 840 EUR

Awakening: When Colors Come to Life in Silence

Capture your space with this large-format abstract painting named 'Awakening.' With a gentle touch of texture and harmony of colors, this artwork will transport you to a world of calm and energy.

Beige and light blue form the basic palette, creating a serene atmosphere. Gold brings a hint of elegance and sophistication, while small neon pink droplets give a sense of mystery and a pulsating light at night.

'Awakening' is not just a painting; it's an experience. Neon light droplets dance in silence, reminding us that every moment can be a small awakening in our own lives.

Give your space a stimulus for awakening emotions and aesthetics. It's not just a painting; it's a story you tell at your own pace.

" Beauty of Iceland"

80 x 80 / 2023

18 300 Kč / 765 EUR

The painting "Beauty of Iceland" is a visual tribute to the stunning Blue Lagoon that I experienced in Iceland. My main intention is to capture and share the intense beauty and tranquility I felt during my time bathing in the Blue Lagoon.

The unique piece titled 'Beauty of Iceland' is an emotional record of the Icelandic beauty, captivating you with its contrasting harmony. This abstract piece combines the powerful, dark shapes of Icelandic lava rocks with the charm of azure blue, as known from the beautiful Blue Lagoon. It is precisely this contrast between natural ruggedness and refreshing calm that creates a truly unique atmosphere in the painting.

Every glance at this painting transports you to Iceland, where you encounter cracked lava formations contrasting with the transparent water of the lagoon. The dominant blue evokes the freshness, vitality, and tranquility of this unique natural landmark.

This painting is not only a visual experience but also a valuable investment in an artwork that will bring your interior to life. Its contrasting inspiration and subtle textures give the space a tangible dimension and uniqueness. 'Beauty of Iceland' embodies the power and beauty of nature, becoming the perfect addition to your space.

Bring the beauty of Iceland into your home and infuse the space with the sparkle and elegance that leave a lasting impression. Discover the beauty and contrasts of 'Beauty of Iceland' and delight in a unique artwork dominated by a blue and black palette.

"Royal turquoise texture"

100 x 70 / 2023

15 300 Kč / 640 EUR

"Royal Turquoise Texture" is an abstract painting that captures a rich texture and bold turquoise splatters. This painting combines layers of paste with paint, creating a complex and intriguing texture. Turquoise and blue spots on a brown background evoke a sense of depth and tranquility. The title "Royal Turquoise Texture" alludes to the feeling of royalty and exclusivity that emanates from this artwork.

"Landmannalaugar: Pohled Mýma Očima"

100 x 80 / 2023

18 000 Kč / 750 EUR

Welcome to my painting oasis, where colors and emotions come together to create unique works of art. I would like to introduce you to a painting that carries a piece of my experience in Iceland, incorporated directly onto the canvas. I named it "Landmannalaugar: Through My Eyes."

🎨 My Iceland on Canvas: During my visit to the enchanting Landmannalaugar in Iceland, I was captivated not only by the natural colors but also by the wild energy, the contrasts between rocks and sand, and the mystery the place held. My painting is my personal expression of this perspective.

🏔️ More Than Physical Landscape: "Landmannalaugar: Through My Eyes" is my perception of this place. Stones, sands, and an incredible array of colors are projected onto the canvas with my own creative interpretation. Each brushstroke is like a musical note in the symphony of nature.

🌈 Revitalize Your Space: This painting is not just an aesthetic element on the wall. It's a way to bring Iceland into your space. The colors will remind you of the unique atmosphere, whether you place it in the living room, study, or any other space.

🎉 A Unique Piece of Art: My painting carries my heart and soul. Every detail is carefully thought out, every color chosen with intent. "Landmannalaugar: Through My Eyes" is an original - its meaning and energy cannot be replicated.

🏡 Creating an Oasis in Everyday Life: Open a window to Iceland every time you gaze at the painting. Let it draw you into its story when you place it on the wall of your space. Create a home that tells stories.

Your walls can speak. And this painting is your voice.

"Tajemné záření"

70 x 70 / x 2 / 2023

12 000 Kč / 500 EUR

Two abstract compositions, each sized at 70 x 70 inches, create an impression of elegance and sophistication. The golden color symbolizes wealth and nobility, while the gray adds a sense of calmness and balance. This combination establishes a harmonious contrast and a captivating gleam that attracts the attention of every viewer. "Mysterious Radiance" is a perfect addition to any modern interior, bringing a sparkling touch of artistic elegance to the space.

"Abstract Storm at Seltun"

130 x 100 / 2023

21 000 Kč / 875 EUR

Abstract Storm at Seltun" is a dynamic painting that immortalizes the power and dramatic beauty of nature in the Icelandic geothermal area of Seltun. On the canvas, various elements - colors, shapes, and textures - collide, creating a visual storm of emotions.

Formally, the painting is full of dynamic lines that wind and intersect, reminiscent of the whirlwind of a storm. These lines may also symbolize the force of geothermal activity, shaping the unique landscapes of Iceland.

Textures on the canvas add depth and layering, reminiscent of the intricate structure of geological formations in Seltun.

Overall, "Abstract Storm at Seltun" is an artistic expression of the force and beauty of nature in this captivating Icelandic region, serving as a compelling eye for observers who can envision themselves in the heart of this abstract storm.

"Ethereal Medley"

120 x 90 / 2023

19 000 Kč / 792 EUR

This piece of art is full of mystery and transports you into a snowy world of fantasy. In its creation, I drew inspiration from the harmony of nature and visions of unearthly beauty.

'Ethereal Medley' is a depiction of various elements dancing together in the air - from delicate floral motifs to playing with light and shadows. The color palette reflects the softness and liveliness of this medley, intertwining pastel tones with gently radiant accents.

This painting has a unique ability to stimulate your imagination and evoke feelings of tranquility and joy. It is an ideal addition to any space that needs a touch of magic and inspiration.

If this artwork captivates you, you can purchase it and add enchantment to your home or workplace. There's nothing better than surrounding yourself with art that captivates you and brings joy.

"Příběh ohně a ledu"

120 x 90 / 2023

19 000 Kč / 792 EUR

This abstract painting combines two opposing forces - fire and ice - into a harmonious whole. Dominant shades of orange and brown represent the fiery force, while the light blue color brings a cool and icy element to the painting. The title refers to the strong contrast between fire and ice and also how these forces come together to create something new and harmonious.

The painting portrays the contrast between the hot fire and the cold ice through shades of orange, brown, and light blue. The title "Tale of Fire and Ice" captures the main elements of the artwork and emphasizes its abstract nature.

"Éterický taneček modrého světla"

80 x 40 / 2023

8 500 Kč / 360 EUR

This beautiful abstract painting, measuring 80 x 40 cm, brings a mysterious harmony to the world of art through the interplay of light blue and delicate gold. Gently swirling shapes and numerous fine details create an impression as if light and shadow are transforming into elusive forms in the air. Blue represents calmness and depth, while gold symbolizes inner strength and nobility.

This painting is like a window into an abstract world where blue and gold meet in a rare symbiosis. Its delicacy and intricate work compel the viewer to slow down and immerse themselves in meditative observation. "Etheric Dance of Blue Light" serves as a reminder of the beauty that can arise from the connection of seemingly opposing elements.

" Morning sunrise"

120 x 100 / 2023

20 000 Kč / 840 EUR

This painting conveys a sense of warmth and comfort. Its main colors are beige and light brown, which harmoniously blend together. The primary motif is the rising sun, symbolizing a new beginning and hope. Sunbeams are depicted as gentle golden streaks that overlay the painting, bringing life and radiance to it. This gilding effect adds a sense of luxury and delicacy to the artwork. The painting's structure is a crucial element, creating a perception of movement and dynamism. Upon closer inspection, various layers and smudges can be seen, intertwining and forming an intriguing contrast between smooth and rough surfaces.

"Morning Sunrise" is a painting that transports you to a pleasant morning full of warmth and hope. Its abstract nature and structural elements allow each viewer to interpret and experience their own emotional response.

"Romantická bouře"

120 x 100 / 2023

20 000 Kč / 840 EUR

This abstract painting depicts a moving and romantic storm taking place in the sky. The delicate texture and layering of colors create the impression of a deep and dark sky in which flashes of lightning appear in the distance. Overall, the picture is impressive and dramatic, but at the same time romantic and mysterious.

"Maldivské sny"

100 x 100 / 2023

18 500 Kč / 775 EUR

This abstract painting is reminiscent of a calm coast in the Maldives, with clear turquoise water and white sandy beaches. Colored spots create interesting images, reminiscent of shaped waves and streams of water, forming the image of the image. This image evokes the peace and harmony one can feel when looking at the ocean.

"Paseidonův poklad"

100 x 100 / 2023

19 000 Kč / 792 EUR

The Treasure of Poseidon" tells the story of the discovery of hidden treasures and beauties that are hidden in the depths of the abstract world. When you look at this painting, you will find that it is full of fine lines and spots in light green, light brown and light matte colors that move in rhythm like waves on the surface of the sea.At first, the main feature seems to be the pearls, which are located in the lower right corner. However, these pearls are only the tip of the iceberg and the real beauty lies deeper below the surface. Once you look more closely at the painting, you will discover other hidden gems that are hidden in the fine lines and spots. These gems present endless possibilities for discovery and exploration.Anyone who looks at this painting can find something different in it and discover this hidden beauty. The "Treasure of Poseidon" is therefore an invitation to explore, to discover hidden beauties and to develop imagination.

So the story of this painting touches on several main themes such as the discovery of beauty, mystery and fantasy. It is an image that can be interpreted in many ways and its story can vary depending on the emotions and thoughts it evokes in individual observers.

" Supernova"

Sold Out

100 x 100

16 000 Kč / 670 EUR

" Voldemort`s Letter"

Sold Out

80 x 80 x 4

12 000 Kč / 520 EUR

Mysteriousness, unease... And yet a promise of hope. The sky is shrouded in a cloak of impenetrable clouds, the air around is charged with electrifying anticipation. A summer storm is coming. The clouds break here and there, and in places the gold of the sun's rays shines through. They are not petting us yet, but they will soon. In the distance, a strange thunder can be heard. The world comes alive with dream magic...

"Blue Dream"

Sold Out

120 x 100 x 4

20 000 Kč / 820 EUR

The gray winter mornings directly encourage us to remain calm for a while longer, stuck somewhere between fantasy and pleasant dreaming of the approaching summer. We close our eyes and see atolls of the coral coast with satin-soft azure water. We feel soft, warm sand under our bare feet and the touch of a gentle breeze on our skin. The lagoon calls us with the lapping of waves and the singing of parrots... This is our Blue Dream... the promise of summer to come, rest and all-embracing peace.

"Wood Fairy"

100 x 90 x 4

11 000 Kč / 478 EUR

"Blue Lagoon"

Not available

80 / 80

10 300 Kč  / 415 EUR

" Venuše"

Sold Out

150 x 100

17 400 Kč / 725 EUR

Abstraktní obraz  " Venuše"2022 /
Abstraktní obraz " Venuše"2022 /

 " Mister Grey"

50 x 50 x 4

6 000 Kč / 260 EUR

The picture is drawn with the author's combined technique. Materials used are acrylic + oil paints

" Jemny dotek"

80 x 80

10 000 Kč / 430 EUR

" Rospuštěný led"

Sold Out

130 x 90

15 000 Kč / 625 EUR

Abstract painting with light blue and turquoise color palette. The nice texture and reflections of the 24 carat gold give the painting a brilliant finish.

" První rande "

Sold Out

80 x 100 x 4

11 400 Kč / 475 EUR

 "Mystery magic"

Sold Out 

120 x 90

13 200 Kč / 550 EUR

This image is absolutely universal. Suitable for any interior. If you are choosing a gift, then this picture will be the perfect solution. It will fit perfectly into any interior. The image is perfect both in terms of color and optimal size.

"Sugar Free"

50 x 50 

6 000 Kč / 260 EUR

The picture is drawn with the author's combined technique. Materials used are acrylic paint + ink


80 X 60

8 400 Kč / 350 EUR

The rich texture and soft colors create a feeling of lightness and airiness in this beautiful painting. Thanks to the neutral color, the picture will fit into almost any interior.

"Měsíční růže" 

90 x 80

12 000 Kč / 500 EUR

The painting is a stylish monochrome that perfectly combines abstract lines and strokes with delicate textural roses. This painting was created using high quality texturing paste and acrylic paints.


60 х 70 

7 800 Kč / 325 EUR

The personification of the bright night sky with the addition of texture will create a harmonious image in your interior

" Dota" 

Sold Out  

120 x 80 

14 400 Kč / 600 EUR

The picture is rich in effects and structure, suitable for almost any interior

" Wonderful dream "

90 x 50

 7 200 Kč / 300 EUR

"Andělská stopa"

Sold Out

80 x 60

9 000 Kč / 375 EUR

The footprint left by the angel will bring peace, well-being and well-being to your home. The painting combines several textural techniques made with modern technology.

«Fata morgána»

Sold Out

  90 x 70

10 200 Kč / 425  EUR

The painting "Fata Morgana" will decorate the living room or bedroom, create a light and calm mood, awaken memories and inspire dreams.


Sold Out

 90 x 70

10 400 Kč / 435 EUR

"Růžová zahrada"

Sold Out

 60 x 70

7 800 Kč / 325 EUR

Summer plot, soft shades of pink and elements of gold - convey a feeling of summer mood, the warmth of the sun and the smell of a blooming garden

" Nebeský dech"

Sold Out

   100 x 80

 12 000 Kč / 520 Kč

Inspired from within, I immersed myself in the abstract world and conveyed all my emotions through the rich texture of the image

" Doteky Orientu"

  60 x 60

 8 400 / 365 EUR

A three-dimensional image with a rich texture and 3D effect, blue accent textures harmoniously complement the main light brown color and add individuality to your interior.


80 x 80

20 000 Kč / 1000 EUR 

The image combines two colors - black and gold. This stylish contrast will successfully fit into your interior.

"Zlaté rouno"

Sold Out

 90 x 70

 20 000 Kč / 1000 EUR

This picture will bring you luck! When I painted it, I was inspired by the legends of the ancient world. The Golden Fleece was a skin with wool from a golden ram that was a symbol of royal power. And that's how my "Golden Fleece" was born

" TOR "

 40 x 30

3 000 Kč / 135 EUR

This painting from my gold collection is inspired by the period of antiquity. Like sheet metal, it shimmers with golden hues and creates an embossed gradient on the surface. Ideal for almost any interior, giving it a unique style and character.


 50 x 50

5 000 Kč / 220 EUR

Luxurious details are very popular in modern interior design. This painting will look perfect in any interior and will transform the most ordinary room into a room with character and emphasize the individuality of its owner.


  50 x 40

 3 000 Kč / 135 EUR

I present to you another original painting from my gold collection. It will add a touch of charm and sophistication to your interior and will also be an ideal decoration for the living room, hall or relaxation area.

"Toskánská píseň "

100 x 100   

11 000 Kč / 478 EUR

" Rainbow"

100 x 120

12 000 Kč / 521 EUR

This painting is decorated with metallic silver, which gives it sophistication and chic. In combination with the structural paste, the silver leaf sparkles in the light and imitates real precious metal. This subtle abstraction in subtle colors will suit almost any interior. It's interesting to look at it from different angles.

" Stříbrná květina "

60 x 60

5 600 / 243 EUR 

Silver in the interior has its own charm. Its radiance plays with noble beauty and natural mystery. The silver accessory looks very effective in the interior. This painting will create a harmonious and fresh combination of silver with neutral colors in the room.

" Ultramarine "

60 x 60

5 600 Kč / 243 EUR

" Boho 1 "

50 x 40

3 500 Kč / 140 EUR

When creating this image, I was inspired by a unique natural formation - a grand canyon: a combination of two massive brown rocks, which fill with even greater contrast at sunset. The relief image is made in the "wood" style, creating calm, peace and comfort in your room.

 " Boho 2 "

 50 x 40

3 500 Kč / 140 EUR