Abstract Storm at Seltun

130 x 100 / 2023

"Abstract Storm at Seltun" is a dynamic painting that immortalizes the power and dramatic beauty of nature in the Icelandic geothermal area of Seltun. On the canvas, various elements - colors, shapes, and textures - collide, creating a visual storm of emotions.

Formally, the painting is full of dynamic lines that wind and intersect, reminiscent of the whirlwind of a storm. These lines may also symbolize the force of geothermal activity, shaping the unique landscapes of Iceland.

Textures on the canvas add depth and layering, reminiscent of the intricate structure of geological formations in Seltun.

Overall, "Abstract Storm at Seltun" is an artistic expression of the force and beauty of nature in this captivating Icelandic region, serving as a compelling eye for observers who can envision themselves in the heart of this abstract storm.

22,000.00 Kč