"Morning sunrise"

120 x 100 / 2023

This painting conveys a sense of warmth and comfort. Its main colors are beige and light brown, which harmoniously blend together. The primary motif is the rising sun, symbolizing a new beginning and hope. Sunbeams are depicted as gentle golden streaks that overlay the painting, bringing life and radiance to it. This gilding effect adds a sense of luxury and delicacy to the artwork. The painting's structure is a crucial element, creating a perception of movement and dynamism. Upon closer inspection, various layers and smudges can be seen, intertwining and forming an intriguing contrast between smooth and rough surfaces.

"Morning Sunrise" is a painting that transports you to a pleasant morning full of warmth and hope. Its abstract nature and structural elements allow each viewer to interpret and experience their own emotional response.

21,500.00 Kč