" Paseidonův poklad"

100 x 100 / 2023

The Treasure of Poseidon" tells the story of the discovery of hidden treasures and beauties that are hidden in the depths of the abstract world. When you look at this painting, you will find that it is full of fine lines and spots in light green, light brown and light matte colors that move in rhythm like waves on the surface of the sea.At first, the main feature seems to be the pearls, which are located in the lower right corner. However, these pearls are only the tip of the iceberg and the real beauty lies deeper below the surface. Once you look more closely at the painting, you will discover other hidden gems that are hidden in the fine lines and spots. These gems present endless possibilities for discovery and exploration.Anyone who looks at this painting can find something different in it and discover this hidden beauty. The "Treasure of Poseidon" is therefore an invitation to explore, to discover hidden beauties and to develop imagination.

So the story of this painting touches on several main themes such as the discovery of beauty, mystery and fantasy. It is an image that can be interpreted in many ways and its story can vary depending on the emotions and thoughts it evokes in individual observers.

19,000.00 Kč